Life is our therapy

While executing our commission we try to network our padagogical and educational care with family therapy efficiently. This philosophy reverberates the motto of our curriculum: Life is our therapy. We provide detection, diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative, educational, special-interest, counselling, systematic and precautionary expert assistance including inceptive care.




  • individual approach

  • individual program for every child

  • individual form of education (one teacher teaching one child)

  • teachers and parents teamwork

  • system of education opened to students, authorities and public

  • the implementation of the TEACCH program elements, Son-Rise method and facilitated communication for children with autistic spectrum defects respecting their individual diet

  • orientation to building up a person with adequate self-determination who realizes and accepts his place in society and life

  • within the framework of our free activities we offer music therapy, canistherapy,  ball facilitation and musical-motion ring